Ernest Simon was born in Delray Beach. He opened his law practice in Delray Beach in 1967, and Simon and Schmidt, PA was formed in 1986. Mr. Simon was actively involved in the community, and served our clients until his death in 2020.

Ernest Simon


Honoring Ernest G. Simon


While Ernest Simon may no longer be able to practice law with us here at the Simon and Schmidt, PA office we will continue to practice in his vision for our office.


Ernie was born in a house in downtown Delray in 1925 and was a lifetime resident. He started his law practice in Delray beach in 1967 and was a municipal judge from 1967-1977 for the city of Delray Beach. He had a strong love for Delray Beach and its residents and he was a member of and/or on the Boards of many local organizations. We strive to honor his memory by continuing his practice which he founded by treating our clients with the same warmth and respect that Ernie so easily gave.

Areas of Practice

Attorneys at Simon and Schmidt, PA

We are Leaders in the Field since being established in 1986.

At our firm, we help our clients achieve high rates of success by offering premium legal services through our highly select group of associates. We never stop working to continuously strengthen those relationships.

  • Real Estate Transactions and Title Insurance

    Whether buying, selling or refinancing your home, condominium or business, our professional and experienced staff are ready to assist. Our services include preparation and/or review of contracts and leases, title insurance and preparation of closing documents. We provide quality service and reliable experience, striving to insure your transaction goes smoothly, from the contract to the final sale and/or purchase.


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  • Probate

    We provide a wide range of probate services, which include representing personal representatives in estates and/or trustees in trust proceedings. We prepare and file with the Court all required probate pleadings, monitor time deadlines and guide each client through each step of the probate and/or trust process. We assist in determining decedent’s assets and debts and ensure that the decedent’s wishes are respected. Together, our staff can help make a very difficult time a little less stressful.


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  • Estate Planning

    In matters of estate planning, we are knowledgeable and experienced including answering estate planning questions and preparation of Wills and Trusts. We listen and plan your estate based on each client’s needs and goals. You can depend on us to prepare your Will or Trust and other documents, which we customize according to your needs. Our services also include preparation of powers of attorney, living wills and health care surrogates, all designed to fit your individual circumstances.


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  • Land Use, Zoning and Code Enforcement

    We provide advice with regard to real estate development and/or code enforcement relating to zoning laws, building ordinances, construction permits and other land use laws and ordinances. With his experience serving two terms as Mayor of Delray Beach, and service on the Delray Beach Planning and Zoning Board, Mr. Schmidt has gained valuable insight as to the process and documents required for land use and development.


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  • Corporate and Business Law

    Simon and Schmidt, PA provides quality and experienced services in formation of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. We customize our services to meet the needs of each individual client, including drafting business contracts, corporate filings with the State of Florida, formation or sale of your business, litigation and general counsel services. You can depend on our attorney and staff to provide accurate and courteous service for all your business needs.


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  • Condominiums and Home Owners Associations

    Our firm is skilled in representation of condominium and homeowner associations, from collection of past due maintenance or rent to preparing amendments to the governing documents, exercising attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the law and procedures required. We can also assist in other related matters such as meeting notices, agendas, annual meetings, foreclosure, bankruptcy and conflict resolution. No matter the service requested, our attention to our client’s needs is paramount.


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  • Litigation

    If you are facing financial difficulties and are struggling to make your mortgage payments or monthly rent, we are here to assist. We represent tenants and/or landlords, and take the time to understand your circumstances and explain your options. We have over 40 years of experience in landlord/tenant disputes, evictions and foreclosures. We try to resolve matters as quickly as possible using all means of communication including email, fax and telephone calls.


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Come to our law office located in Delray Beach, Florida

Our legal offices are located at 766 S.E 5th Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida. If you are looking for legal help in litigation; corporate and business law; Land Use, Zoning and Code Enforcement; condominiums and home owners associations; Real Estate Transactions and Title Insurance, estate planning; or probate Simon and Schmidt, PA Attorneys at Law can help.

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